Afterglow Festival Provincetown, Cape Cod Logement

Afterglow Festival is coming to Provincetown and you need to book your Cape Cod lodging before you miss out on this first ever festival billed as a gathering of both renowned and up-and-coming stage artists who are changing the world of live performance.

The Afterglow Festival will be at the Provincetown Theater, situé à 238 Rue de Bradford, will begin September 14 and run through the 18th.

Conceived by John Cameron Mitchell and Quinn Cox, Afterglow renews the centennial artistic bond between Greenwich Village and Provincetown, enriching the cultural heritage of this great Cape Cod hamlet, making it a post-seasonal destination for international artists and audiences alike.

When planning your trip to the Afterglow Festival be sure to choose one of the fine Provincetown Bed and Breakfast establishments in your plans.

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