Chasing Clean Air, Cape Cod and Provincetown Travel

& Nbsp;Chasing Clean Air around Cape Cod and Provincetown travel was more than just a mission to find the cleanest air destinations recently by Donna Barnett, it was an adventure that payed off in huge rewards.

Along her way she met Carlos and Elizabeth who opened Venture Athletics Kayak Shop in Provincetown and took the Naturalist 2-hour Kayaking Tour 6-8pm.

Cape Cod as she discovered is rich in oxygen, clean air and unlimited natural beauty.  As if that isn’t enough, kayaking is a great way to see the whales.

Whatever your reason for coming to visit Provincetown, make one of our many fine Distinctive Inns of Provincetown your #1 choice for lodging.

The Innkeepers of The Distinctive Inns of Provincetown
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