Whale Watch Dolphin Fleet, Provincetown Vacation

Whale Watch Dolphin Fleet is a awe-inspiring Provincetown Vacation idea this year.  The fleet has a great whale watch program and have added the newly acquired Dolphin X to the fleet.

The Dolphin X has a larger upper deck and more rail space for the passengers to see the great whales as the come up to blow for air or leap out of the water in a show of stunning breaches.

Sightings for the 2011 season has been great thus far, so don’t miss out on a chance to see whales a short distance from Provincetown.

As always on each trip they offer a great program for young and old guided by experienced naturalists.

Before the summer ends, make Whale Watching a to-do on your Provincetown Vacation list.  Give one of the wonderful Provincetown Bed and Breakfast hosts a call today!

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