American Artist John Dowd, Provincetown vacation

American Artist John Dowd takes a Provincetown vacation each summer to the place that makes him the happiest.  It is there in his house where he converted the second story into an art studio where he has many of his breathtaking portraits of the Provincetown MA area.

Dowd first came to Provincetown back in 1983 and currently chairs the towns historic district commission to protect the fishing wharfs and sturdy houses that first drew him to the area.

His paintings are derived from quick sketches and diagrammatic notes he uses to record the scenes.  Back in the studio, Dowd selects the perfect canvas size for the image and then works out a compositional drawing.

Dowd then begins to paint, constantly referring back to his initial sketches to recall what first attracted him to that particular scene or structure to capture and express the initial excitement he felt.

Take time soon to come and find what American Artist John Dowd found with a Provincetown vacation.  These lovely Provincetown Inns are ready to serve you and help make your trip one of a kind.

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