Provincetown For Girls, Lesbian Vacation

Provincetown is proud of its tolerant and accepting atmosphere.  Our artistic town is known to be a great destination for all, regardless of race, age, creed, or orientation.  To celebrate this fact, The November, 2011 issue of Curve Magazine contained an article proclaiming Provincetown for girls the ideal lesbian vacation destination.  And we wholeheartedly agree!

For those who have never been to our beautiful town, or even heard of it, know this up front:  intolerance is not tolerated.  Yes, Provincetown is gay-friendly, and largely gay-owned.  You are as likely to see two men or two women walking with their child as a mixed-gender couple.  You are likely to see anyone and everyone holding hands, sharing a romantic dinner, and dancing the night away together.

But back to the topic at hand.

It’s the ladies we’re celebrating this week!  P-Town has more than its fair share of wonderful lesbian-owned (and gay-owned, to be fair to the men) establishments in town:  from many of our wonderful inns, to eateries, to shops and businesses.  No matter what the time of year, Provincetown is THE perfect getaway for women and their families!

And the events – what fun the girls have in P-Town!  Our year-round events, many specifically for women, welcome visitors from all over New England and the United States.  Our 2012 calendar includes the following events for the girls:

May 18-20, 2012:  Single Women’s Weekend.  This event is a 3-day concentration on lesbian life.  With tours, shows, wine tastings, seminars, and dancing, this is a chance for all the single ladies to meet Ms. Right, make amazing friends, and just enjoy being who they are!

May 24-27, 2012:  Memorial Day Weekend.  An ‘unofficial’ weekend for the girls.  Thousands from all over the world attend annually to enjoy shopping, cruising, and dancing, boating, beaching, biking, barbecues, parties.  There are some great nighttime events scheduled this year!

May 31 – June 3, 2012:  National Women of Color and Friends Weekend.  Join hundreds of women, their family, friends, and supporters and enjoy dance parties, shows, meet & greets, Speed Friending, and dining events.

July 17-21, 2012:  Girl Splash!  An almost-weeklong event of fun and frolic for the ladies!  Come alone or with that special gal for summer days filled with shopping, beach play, exploring Cape Cod, dancing, and entertainment.  Registration usually opens in early June.

July 28, 2012 – August 4, 2012:  Family Pride Week.  While not just for the ladies, this event celebrates ALL families, especially those with LGBT parents.  The Family Equality Council’s goal is to create a world where all loving families are recognized, respected, protected, and celebrated, and they are the sponsors of this amazing event.

October 8-14, 2012:  Women’s Week.  What was once a simple clambake on the beach has become the largest annual non-profit event for lesbians, welcoming women of every age, color, and shape.  Hosted by our own Women Innkeepers, this event provides a safe atmosphere to be yourself.  Come enjoy outdoor activities, movies, food, dancing, seminars, theater productions, entertainment, drag king contests, and nature around P-Town.  There is so much to do that you may have difficulty choosing!

Provincetown’s Cape Cod lodging businesses look forward to hosting your stay for these great events!  But rooms fill up quickly for these dates, so be sure to book in advance!

The Innkeepers of The Distinctive Inns of Provincetown

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