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As Spring slowly prepares to enter our lives, the wind seems to say “Wake up, wake up, P-Town!  It is time to rise from your slumber and prepare for the warm months ahead!”  And what is it like, watching our rare beauty rise from her winter hibernation?  Ah, but this can be one of the more enlightening Cape Cod vacations!  In fact, the October, 2011 issue of SavoirFlair Magazine featured a great article by Joseph Manghise, a New York based editor and writer, depicting the Provincetown off-season in pre-spring.

The article on page 38, entitled Not Your Average April (for Joe in Provincetown), depicts both the relative isolation of P-Town in the April off-season, as well as how the town slowly wakes from its winter slumber to prepare for the upcoming tourist season.  It celebrates life and loss of the locals, late-winter life in Cape Cod, and everything P-town has to offer both locals and visitors.

As crisp winter air gives way to tentative warmth and sun, the author spends his spring watching P-Town open up into the beautiful summer flower she is known to be.  And he makes you want to come watch it yourself!

So why not give the article a read, and then come to MA and experience P-town’s blossoming in person?  The Provincetown lodging options offered by the Distinctive Inns of Provincetown will provide you a warm home-away-from-home as you experience our town come out of her winter sleep.  And as the chill gives way to warmth, our gardens will welcome you to Spring in Provincetown!

The Innkeepers of The Distinctive Inns of Provincetown

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