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Your April 20-29, 2012 visit to Provincetown will not be complete without attending the Appearances Green Arts Festival, one of the more creative Provincetown events.

What is ‘green art?’  Think more of art both within and about nature, ranging from nature-themed performance art, to actual art installations in nature.  Green art can cover dance, readings, photography, short film, sound, paintings, poetry, sculpture, and more.  Outdoor art installations, whether static or kinetic, are especially encouraged by event planners.  The art is meant to bring awareness of the area’s delicate natural surroundings, both on land and in the ocean, to both the community and visitors.

Appearances is hosted by the Provincetown Conservation Trust: a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting Provincetown’s natural surroundings outside of the Cape Cod National Seashore lands.  They work to conserve gardens, wooded areas, bogs, and more to preserve both the biodiversity and the landscapes that area a daily part of Provincetown life.

The artwork will appear in and around Provincetown, making this a great walking or biking activity.  The exhibits will be on display between April 20-29, 2012.  Outdoor exhibits will remain in place until Saturday, June 2, 2012.

Provincetown bed and breakfast inns welcome you to our beautiful town, and to this enlightening event!

The Innkeepers of The Distinctive Inns of Provincetown

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