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I’ll chase (the white whale) round Good Hope, and round the Horn, and round the Norway Maelstrom, and round perdition’s flames before I give him up. And this is what ye have shipped for, men! to chase that white whale on both sides of land, and over all sides of earth…
      –Herman Melville, Moby Dick, Chapter XXXVI

The beginning or the unforgettable tale of Moby Dick is set in Massachusetts, and is it any wonder?  Massachusetts, and especially Cape Cod, may be the best place on America’s Eastern Coast to see and watch whales.  During your stay in Provincetown, our Provincetown bed and breakfast inns invite you to enjoy Provincetown whale watching, a favorite of all Provincetown activities!

Whales migrate yearly for mating, feeding, and just to follow the warm waters, as mammals tend to enjoy the warmth.  So why is Cape Cod a great place to see whales?  There happens to be a huge underwater plateau off the Cape’s northern tip that, due to water current patterns, has a huge population of food for these majestic mammals.  Because whales travel very slowly during migration, they tend to hang out in areas to socialize, rest, play, and eat.  (Does this sound like any other mammals you know?)

Where there is food and warming water, you can usually find whales!

Between April 1 and October 31, whales enjoy the environment of our coastal waters.  Finbacks, Humpbacks, Minkes, Pilots, Sei Whales, and the very rare Northern Right Whale may be seen during different parts of the Cape Cod whale watching season.  Of course, you may also see dolphin, porpoise, many bird species, and several fish species during a whale watching tour.

The Whale Watch Dolphin Fleet of Provincetown offers whale-watching trips to Provincetown residents and guests.  Trips officially begin on April 11, 2012.  Tickets can be purchased either online, or at the Provincetown Chamber Building on Lopes Square.  Group Rates and Gift Certificates are available.

Enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience during your stay at your favorite Cape Cod lodging property!

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