Visit Provincetown in September and Enjoy Our Harbor Events

Once September rolls around, people like to get into and on the water here at P-Town!  Member inns of the The Distinctive Inns of Provincetown welcome you during the water events happening at the beginning of September!

September 1-7, 2012:  Great P-Town Schooner Regatta
Celebrating the our maritime and fishing history while educating the public, this event honors the Great Atlantic fishing bank schooners by featuring a race of these majestic ships from Gloucester to Provincetown.  But don’t think other ships aren’t welcome!  Each year, schooners, catboats, modern sailing yachts, small boats, and other historic vessels gather in P-Town for fellowship, to race, and to commemorate our place in the traditional fishing industry.

The tradition was founded her in 2002 after an idea by our own Captain John Bennett.  His love of sailing and racing in area events prompted him to start his own racing event right here in his hometown.  While he didn’t live to see the event begin, P-Town went ahead with the plans in his honor.  More historically, the race commemorates the 1907 Lipton Cup race in which one of P-Town’s own Schooners, the Rose Dorothea, took the prize.

Regatta Events include races for Schooners, Yachts, Catboats; the Parade of Sail; tours of open boats; and a week-long celebration of nautical arts and open houses around Provincetown.

September 7-8, 2012:  Swim For Life
Once the ships clear out, swimmers and kayakers will take over during the 25th annual Swim For Life!

This massive fundraiser for AIDS, women’s health, and the community is also a celebration of Provincetown’s unique relationship to the sea, and has become a staple tradition of our town.  Swimmers raise money and participate in a 1.4 mile swim; kayakers participate in the leading flotilla to clear the way for the swimmers, help keep swimmers on-course, and encourage rests if needed (and have the option of raising money as well); and observers cheer from the shore during this unforgettable event.

If you choose to participate, registration is open until the morning of the event for both swimmers and paddlers.  If you don’t want to get into the water but are moved to help anyway, volunteers are always needed before, during, and after the actual event!  You may also see swimmers and kayakers around town trying to raise some last-minute donations for their participation – you can always pick one – or a few – out to help monetarily while you’re here!

Swimmers are required to wear the provided swimming caps, and wetsuits are recommended to protect you from the 65-degree water.  After that, it’s up to you how you participate in the swim… bring your snorkels, wings, floaters, whatever!  Most of all, remember that this is NOT A RACE – but a participatory fundraiser only!  Do your best, have fun, and feel great about helping out some great causes!

These are just two of the great events that usher in September.  Look for upcoming posts about additional activities during the month.  So make your plans now to visit your favorite P-Town bed and breakfast inn during the month of September!

The Innkeepers of The Distinctive Inns of Provincetown

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