Provincetown by Bike for Transportation and Sightseeing

Many people discover that cars may not be the best mode of transportation here in Provincetown.  Thanks to our location on the sea, our narrow roads, and the amount of pedestrians in our town, using an automobile can be both inconvenient to you, and dangerous to others.  And during large-event weekends, just forget going anywhere via car!  So during your bed and breakfast getaway to your favorite Distinctive Inns of Provincetown member inn, we recommend bicycle travel if you don’t care to walk.

Bicycles are, by far, the most popular mode of transportation here in town aside from walking.  If you don’t bring your own bicycle with you, it is both easy and economical to rent one during your stay.  Rental costs start at $20/day and $84/week during the heavy season, and $16/day and $59/week during the off-season, depending on which bicycle model you select.  There are four locations for bike rental here in town.  We recommend making reservations for bicycles before your arrival to make sure you’ll have transportation once you arrive.

Of course, bikes are used for more than mere transportation here at the tip of Cape Cod!  There is a very popular nature area here in town, and another just to the east in Truro, where you can get a dose of the area’s natural beauty:

Part of Province Lands Bike Trail

  • Province Lands Bike Trail at Race Point is a 5.45 loop trail with a total of almost two additional miles of spurs leading to Herring Cove Beach, Race Point Beach, and Bennett Pond.  this is a hilly loop, providing a bit of challenge during your ride through 4000 acres of sand dunes, marshland, and the Beech Forest.  You’ll witness gorgeous scenery wherever you wander on this trail!
  • Just to the east of town lies Head of the Meadow Trail in Truro.  This 2-mile one-way (4 miles round trip) ride meanders by a salt meadow with plenty of greenery  to make it pretty.  If you ride west-to-east, a stop at Head of the Meadow Beach makes for a nice picnic spot and place to rest (with facilities).  If you intend to make a day of it and ride from Provincetown to Truro, we recommend taking Bradford Street/Shore Road.

Our member inns will work with you regarding bicycle parking if you decide to bring your own, or to rent long-term while here in town.  Fee free to contact us before you arrive if you have questions regarding bicycle parking!

When you bike, make sure to carry water, sunblock, a camera, and even food/snacks, no matter where you travel. Please watch for Areas of Caution signs which are placed in rocky/sandy areas for your safety, and for any pedestrians you may encounter.  And by all means, take your time – bicycling is meant to be enjoyed!

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