Provincetown Trolley, Inc. Tours Offer Local Sights and History

Want to see all the local sights of and actually SEE them instead of concentrating on your driving?  Why not take a Provincetown Trolley, Inc. tour?  Reasonable and relaxing, this is a great way to learn about P-Town and its history during your Distinctive Inns of Provincetown getaway!

Just like the name implies, a Provincetown Trolley is basically a trolley-style bus.  It has bench seats and has large windows in the front of the bus (with open-air seating in the rear) for clear views of all the landmarks and sights.  The 40-minute, narrated tour takes you along Commercial Street to see all the shops, restaurants and art galleries, and past our town’s oldest home before heading to the National Seashore Park and the Province Lands Visitor Center.  You’ll pass more than 20 points of interest, learn a little about our town’s history, and witness stunning views of Provincetown Harbor, Cape Cod Bay, and the expanse of the Atlantic Ocean.

During the tour, you’re welcome to disembark at some of the locations to see the sights and discover more before catching a later trolley to the next destination.  Those places include:

  • Town Hall
  • Provincetown Inn
  • Provincetown Art Association and Museum
  • Province Lands Visitor Center at the National Seashore Park

You can join the tour at any of the above stops, as you pay when you board.  The tour is convenient to most Distinctive Inns of Provincetown member inns and is reasonable at $15 per adult.  The Trolley Tour is also a great way to see parts of the area that you might miss otherwise.  We also recommend taking your camera to record some of the amazing scenery you’ll pass during your ride!

If you have any questions about the tour or how to find the nearest Trolley Tours, Inc. stop, your innkeeper will be glad to point you in the right direction.

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