P-town Sights: Pilgrims First Landing Park and Long Point

If you know much about Provincetown’s history, you know that Provincetown was ACTUALLY where the Pilgrims first arrived in the New World after storms forced them to abandon their route to Plymouth, MA. While here, they drew up the Mayflower Compact, establishing a governing model for when they finally reached Plymouth.

To commemorate this fact, Provincetown has created the Pilgrims First Landing Park: a small park at the corner of Commercial Street and Province Lands Road. Within the park, native trees and plants, benches, and a short walkway help everyone feel welcome. The main park attraction is the plaque commemorating the historic landing. The small plaza that holds the marker is made of flagstones from those who helped fund the park itself – take a few minutes to appreciate these people and the words they have chosen to preserve.

Pilgrims First Landing Park is featured on the Provincetown Trolley Tour. However if you choose to get here yourself, parking is available on the outside of the road around the Park. You can also get here via shuttle bus, or simply walk!

Pilgrims First Landing Park also marks the start of the 1.5-mile granite Breakwater Walk which goes to Long Point (make sure you go during low tide!). Here you’ll find the Wood End Lighthouse to the west of the breakwater,  and the Long Point Lighthouse to the east. Hike across the dunes and discover the local wildlife that calls this home. Long Point Beach is also great for sunbathing and occasional seal-watching, as they often enjoy the waters just offshore. And the views from this vantage point are gorgeous – bring your camera!

Besides your camera, we will also recommend bringing plenty of water and perhaps a meal or snack, as it’s easy to spend several hours here. Do be aware of the tide tables though, else you become stranded!

Want to skip the hike across the breakwater to get to Long Point? Head back to MacMillan Pier and look for a water taxi that can be hired to take you across the harbor, and pick you up at a later time.

If you are interested in making the Pilgrim’s First Landing Park and Long Point the focus of your Provincetown getaway, Distinctive Inns of Provincetown Members Foxberry Inn and Land’s End Inn are located within .3 miles of both the park and the breakwater!

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