White Porch Gallery Featured in Modern Luxury Miami

Many know of the White Porch Inn, a Distinctive Inns of Provincetown member here in Massachusetts.  But did you know that White Porch also has a gallery-only location in Miami, Florida?

The White Porch Inn (also known as the White Porch Inn Art Hotel) works with artists from all over the world to bring their works to the public in relaxing, living environment where the art can be enjoyed at the true leisure of the viewer.  Not only can the art be viewed by guests, but the In(n) Art concept also contributes to the inn’s overall ambiance and is a major draw for art-lovers from the United States and the world.

White Porch Inn (L) and White Porch Gallery in R House (R)

The White Porch Gallery in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District at 2727 NW Second Avenue, works with the R House Restaurant and Lounge to allow patrons to view art during dinners or leisurely social gatherings with a musical touch. Art installations are coordinated between the White Porch locations, music is provided by area artists or DJs, and Chef/Owner Rocco Carulli brings Latin, Mediterranean and Asian flavors to the tables. By merging food, art, and music, the Wynwood Gallery creates a truly sensory experience for all.

Tom Shirk (L) and Felipe Lara (R)

The creative minds behind these two landmark endeavors are owner of the White Porch Inn Art Hotel Tom Shirk, and JFL Development‘s Felipe Lara who designed and developed R House and the White Porch Gallery in Miami.  Together, Tom and Felipe brought their vision to light by creating the artistic partnership between these progressive establishments, ultimately bringing a new and unique art environment to the city of Miami.

Writer and editor Drew Limsky of Modern Luxury Miami Magazine featured this partnership in their April 2014 edition (page 166), and we couldn’t be happier that a visitptown.com member was given such gracious billing!

Both the White Porch Inn and R House are currently featuring works by Dietmar Brixy.  Brixy’s Discover series is an exploration and discovery of the creative journey.  His Bubbles series brings a unique whimsy on round canvases.

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